‘The Bachelor’ Australia’s Hometown Episode Saw Locky’s Interrogation Go From Feminism To Polygamy

Drama with a capital 'D'

In every season of The Bachelor Australia, hometowns are our chance to joyfully watch the Bachelor get completely roasted by his girlfriends’ families—and this year, it was just as satisfying as we’d hoped.

First, we saw Izzy teach Locky (and his third nipple) a few yoga moves, followed by her “extremely feminist” mother who went straight into questions on polygamy and feminism—including potential sperm freezing.

Irena and Bec’s separate hometowns were eerily similar, with each taking “Adventure Man” Locky into nature, and then introducing him to an over-protective brother who compared Locky‘s motives to his “lying and deceiving” tactics from Survivor (fair enough).

However, Bella’s hometown saw an interrogation like no other. After cooking for her family, Bella’s “human lie detector” father and mother—and her iconic wine-drinking staring—took turns interrogating Locky until he choked on his pasta. Not falling for his online persona, Bella’s dad ultimately decided that he didn’t trust “subtle as a brick” Locky—and we can understand why.

In the end, we bid adieu to Izzy and Bec, leaving Bella and Irena to go head-to-head in the grand finale tomorrow night.

While we’re overcome with thoughts and feelings, Twitter knows just how to keep us grounded… and in hysterics.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best reactions to episode 13 of The Bachelor Australia.

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