‘Harry & Meghan’ Part II Will Delve Into The Royal Exit—Here’s When It Drops

"They were happy to lie to protect my brother."
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries has unveiled a plethora of figurative bombshells about their time within the royal family—and the impending release of the second part is likely to take that to a whole new level. 

A new trailer for part two of Harry & Meghan has revealed its main subject matter: The lead up and aftermath of the the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes royal exit. The announcement was enough to dominate press headlines for days on end at the time, but we’ve never heard the full story from their perspective. It looks like a whole new media storm awaits.

Below, everything you need to know about the docuseries’ second part—including when you can watch it. 

(Credit: Netflix.)

What date and time will the second part of Harry & Meghan be released?

Part two will be released on December 15 at 7pm, AEST—so brace yourselves for another royal extravaganza. 

Interestingly, the release date falls on the same evening that Princess Kate, Prince William, King Charles and Queen Camilla will all be gathered together at Westminster Abbey. The foursome will attend a special Christmas carol event (set to air on Christmas Eve) which is hosted by the Princess of Wales. 

It’s an interesting timing choice from Netflix (or perhaps it was Harry and Meghan themselves, if they were given the opportunity to set the release date?). Watch this space…  

What will the second part of Harry & Meghan cover?

Going by a rather salacious new trailer for part two (you can watch it at the top of this page), Harry and Meghan will detail the events that led to their royal exit, as well as the explosive aftermath of the announcement. 

In the sneak peek, Harry alludes to an entity referred to as “they” (the palace, perhaps?), which he claims covered up lies for his older brother Prince William while leaving the Duke of Sussex and his wife to fend for themselves. 

“They were happy to lie to protect my brother,” he states. 

The pair also allude to “institutional gaslighting” that surrounded them at the time of their exit, which suggests they were allegedly unfairly treated in comparison to their royal counterparts. As for what lies were supposedly covered for William? We’ll have to sit tight on that until the docuseries lands, though it does look like Harry will uncover some uncomfortable truths about the relationship he has with him. 

The ending of part one concluded on the night before their May 2018 wedding, which was several months before Meghan’s pregnancy with the pair’s first child. This coincided with a particularly problematic public rhetoric where Meghan was consistently compared to Kate Middleton, particularly when it came to their pregnancies. 

It was also a time of major stress on Meghan, who later revealed that she became suicidal as a result of the pressure she was under. It’s likely the pair will delve into this further in the documentary. 

You can watch the first part of Harry & Meghan on Netflix here

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