Where To Watch The Final Season Of ‘Killing Eve’ In Australia

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Like it or not, the fourth and final season of Killing Eve is here, and in order to avoid impending spoilers pertaining to how the series will end, there’s only one thing to be done: Watch it as soon as humanly possible. 

The show, which shot to fame upon its release in 2018, stars the iconic duo of Sandra Oh as Eve and Jodie Comer as on-again off-again arch nemesis and love interest Villanelle. 

As season four has already set up in its premiere, released earlier this week, Eve is setting out on a new revenge mission, and Villanelle is working on herself… a lot as she tries to teach (and subsequently convince) herself she’s good person, despite her past.

In other words, both leading women are trying to change: “They are at very different places and at their different places in accepting each other quite truthfully,” Oh told The Wrap in an interview ahead of the fourth season. 

So if you, like us, are dying to watch what unfolds, keep scrolling for the low-down on what to expect, and where you can watch Killing Eve in Australia. 

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Where can you watch Killing Eve season 4 in Australia? 

Killing Eve‘s fourth and final season is available to watch on ABC iView—new episodes drop at 8.30pm every Sunday. Click here to watch the season so far. 

If you’re wanting to go old school, ABC is also airing Killing Eve on television at 9.30pm every Sunday. To catch up on every episode in seasons one through three, Stan has the goods here.

What will happen in Killing Eve season 4? 

With details about the events of season 4 tightly under wraps, fans have taken to speculating based on subtle clues dropped throughout the series and in trailers. 

For one, there’s widespread uncertainty as to Eve and Villanelle’s fate. Some believe Eve might die due firstly to the fact the whole show is named after such a feat, and secondly, because of Konstantin’s chilling warning in the first episode: “You are going to die, you know,” he told Eve. 

To add, both Comer and Oh have also described “mixed feelings” about the season’s end. 

I don’t know how I feel about the ending, truth be told,” Comer told The New York Times, while Oh added: “It was quite victorious. And I think we stayed true to the characters and to each other.”

Whatever does happen, we have no doubt someone will die—whether that’s Eve, Villanelle or even Konstantin or newcomer (and suspiciously elusive) Yusuf. Guess we’ll all have to keep tuning in to find out. 

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When will the season finale drop?

At this stage, it looks like the final ever episode of Killing Eve will drop on ABC iView on April 17, 2022. Consider our calendars booked for that day. 

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