“All Men Need To Take Notes From Jake On How To Treat And Defend Women”

"In a world full of Bryce's, be a Jake"

It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means folks—we’re celebrating hump day with an explosive Married At First Sight dinner party!

And it’s the best kind of dinner party situation too, when somehow *cough: producers* a rumour has begun to spread about one of the contestants, and everyone’s talking about it with their respective partners. 

The rumour you ask? That Bryce has a secret girlfriend “on the outside” and is keeping in contact with her while in a relationship with TV wife Melissa. 

It’s Jason that gets the guts to tell the 33-year-old radio presenter about the murmurings, and his first concern is… who told him that. 

Of course, it was the women who started it, Bryce asserts, because “they love the drama”, and he goes to assure Melissa the rumour isn’t true. 

At the dinner party, Bryce yells at the women claiming they have nothing better to do than talk about him (PLEASE!) and seriously, the whole deny, deny, deny thing is making him seem super shady and guilty. 

Jake speaks up and delivers these mincing words: “Don’t speak to my wife or any other female with language like that.” More of that energy, please. 

Anyway, more fighting and eventually the party ends and Twitter didn’t miss a beat responding to the chaos.

Below, the best reactions to MAFS’ dinner party tonight.

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