Strawberry Blonde May Be The Chic Shade You’ve Been Searching For

And these celebrity looks prove it

If your complexion runs cool (AKA generally on the paler side with blue undertones and the tendency to burn or blush), finding a hair colour that’s your perfect fit can be somewhat of a struggle.

While of course different aesthetics do suit different individuals, darker shades of brunette can be harsh due to the difference in depth, and more muted blondes can leave lighter skin looking a little washed out. Quite the colour conundrum.

Well, the shade solution may have been one you’ve known about all along, but never considered as an actual option: strawberry blonde.

Sure, you may have written it off as a hair hue that you’re either genetically blessed with or not, but in fact, the artificial takes on the colour have come a long way in the last few years, and it’s now easier than ever to replicate in salon.

Wondering what exactly separates strawberry blonde from classic red? The answer lies within the name; think of the colour as blonde with a strawberry-tinged warm rose filter over it. Picture golden blonde with the saturation turned right up (or hey, halfway works as well; there are no hard and fast rules here).

Long story short, there’s a lightness and transparency that remains with strawberry blonde, leaving it looking quite different to the contrastingly richer and more opaque auburn and mahogany tones we often associate with the red colour family.

It’s for that reason that we do recommend lightening your locks up first to allow for the airiness of the shade to come through; unless you’re a natural or current blonde that is. In that case, layer away.

Not quite convinced yet? We understandthe proof is in the pictures after all. And so, we’ve rounded up some striking strawberry blonde celebrity inspiration that just may twist your arm…

Emma Stone


Stone makes her signature strawberry colour pop by opting for similar shades in the makeup arena.

Isla Fisher


Fisher’s hue sits closer toward the ‘strawberry bronde’ side, but still allows for pockets of lightness.

Kate Walsh


Walsh’s take involves vivid strawberry roots (with highlights throughout) and a colour that gradually grows lighter toward ends.

Amy Adams


As a natural blonde (yes, we swear), Adams is the perfect example of someone who has mastered the beyond believable strawberry blonde look.

Laura Haddock


Haddock’s golden blonde is deepened by a wash of tawny-toned strawberry to leave her skin looking luminous.

Marina Ruy Barbosa


Barbosa’s sleek centre-parted pony proves that strawberry still remains fresh and bright even without airy waves.

Jodie Comer


Comer’s look serves as rock solid confirmation that strawberry blonde bangs are an extremely chic move.

Phoebe Dynevor


Dynevor’s divine shade of strawberry blonde balayage (it’s subtle, but it’s there) is shown off beautifully by a deep side part.

Aimee Lou Wood


By no means does the colour only work wonders for lighter-hued eyes; Wood’s cocoa brown ones are complemented gorgeously, too.

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