What We Know About Will Simpson & Jess Cova’s Relationship After ‘FWAW’

A certain Berriwillock local has some insight.
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Farmer Wants A Wife has always been known for sparking long-lasting relationships (nine marriages and 21 babies over 12 seasons is nothing to sneeze at), but in recent years, its success rate has entered what we can only describe as its flop era. 

Well, until now. Will Simpson, a 26-year-old Victorian farmer based in Berriwillock appears to have struck up a solid, long-term romance with his onscreen suitor, 25-year-old dental nurse, Jess Cova.

“When I look forward to my future I want you to be in it. I really am falling in love with you and I want to give us a go and I really hope you do as well,” Will told Jess in the finale before she happily returned the sentiment. 

So what happened to them after filming ended several months ago? Well, according to a Berriwillock local, they’ve already taken a major step in their relationship. 

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Farmer Will is reportedly living with Jess Cova. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Are Will Simpson & Jess Cova still in a relationship?

It looks like Will and Jess are still very much together, several months after Farmer Wants A Wife wrapped up filming. 

According to a Berriwillock local who spoke to the So Dramatic! podcast, Jess has even moved from her home in Queensland to Will’s Victorian town. 

“From what I’ve heard they’re very happy together and she’s loving the community,” they told the podcast. 

Jess has apparently joined a local netball team in Berriwillock, with another source explaining: “She now plays in the C-Grade netball league for Nandaly as a goalkeeper.

“Given she’s from QLD… I’d assume that means she’s moved to Victoria as netball training is once a week and playing every Saturday.”

In further evidence, the podcast pointed out that Will’s mother Jenny, who made a brief appearance on the show, has friended only one of Will’s suitors—surprise surprise, it’s Jess.

Jess joined the local netball team in Berriwillock. (Credit: Channel Seven.)

While details about Will and Jess’ romance post-filming are still unconfirmed, we’ll no doubt get an update at the the reunion episode, which airs on October 4 on Channel Seven. Of course, thanks to these Victorian locals, we already have a fairly good idea of what to expect. 

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