Which Couples Have Found Lasting Love In ‘The Farmer Wants A Wife’?

Undeniably wholesome viewing.

The Farmer Wants A Wife is unquestionably one of the most wholesome shows on Australian television right now, but will our favourite farmers find love? We’re hoping so, but as we know with reality television, there’s really no telling what could happen. 

Still, we have fan favourites who were pegged to win from the start, to the surprise arrival of newcomers who have turned a few heads and likely capture a few hearts, too. 

Below, everything we know about whether the winning couples are still together, and who we think could be in it for the long run. 

Farmer Will


Jessica caught Will’s eye from the jump, and per images obtained by So Dramatic!, Jess appears to have relocated to country Victoria where Will lives. We’re willing to assume that she’d make no such move if it wasn’t for love, so we can safely say they’re likely together. 

Oh and if the move isn’t hint enough, we’ve got some solid Instagram intel, like Jess’ mum following Will on Instagram and Will’s sister following Jess. Chummy. 

Farmer Benjamin 


Unfortunately for Benjamin, his grandma’s passing (which prompted a health issue of his own) cut his time on The Farmer Wants A Wife short, as he needed leave the show to be with family. 

“Benjamin’s grandma has been sick for some time,” explained Erin. “She’s been deteriorating for a while. But yeah, we got news that she’s passed away.”

“I don’t like feeling helpless,” said Hannah, “that’s the hardest part.”

“We’re just going to give him the space and time he needs,” added Lyndsay. 

All three remaining women had strong feelings for Benjamin, expressing their hopes that they might reunite once he’s better. 

Lyndsay “hopes he’ll reach out” when he’s better, as she’d “like to pick things up where [they] left off”, while Erin admitted that she was “falling in love” with Benjamin, which made his departure even harder. 

Farmer Paige


This year’s only female contestant was quite taken with latecomer Cody, who, to her excitement, finally made a move and kissed her. Unfortunately, he then began acting cold and distant afterward, revealing that he didn’t feel a physical attraction towards her.

“He keeps saying that he doesn’t wanna lead anyone on and he doesn’t want just that physical connection that he’s had with people before. And there’s part of me that just wonders if he lets go of that and just holds on to the emotional connection that’s there, then maybe he’ll allow something to grow,” Paige said. 

She then expressed her sadness at not having had the same experience as her fellow farmers, who all seem likely to find love at the end of the show. 

“I wish that I was sitting with the farmers having the same yarns to them about what they’re telling me, falling in love and having an ending to this whole adventure for the exact reason that we came here. And I’m the one that is constantly sitting there questioning everything,” she revealed. 

Then, in a major power move, she decided to let both Ayden and Cody go. 

“I can’t stand here and allow someone to tell me that, essentially, I’m not enough. And I know that’s not the exact words that you’re saying to me, but that’s how I feel when, essentially, you kissed me and then are so distant. I really was hoping this was going somewhere, but I can’t keep hoping and questioning my own self-worth,” she told Cody. 

Farmer Harry

Harry and Tess appeared to be incredibly strong at the start, but her commitment to her studies on the other side of the country “kinda worried” Harry.
Still, it wasn’t enough for Harry to let her go. He told her he was falling for her in a tearful finale, and they rode off into the sunset… kinda. These days, it seems the pair are still going strong with a source telling So Dramatic! that they’ve been spotted at numerous events in Harry’s hometown. Cute. 

Farmer Ben


Ben and Leish were original fan favourites, but newcomer Kiani threw him off for a while after striking up a strong connection. 

“I feel Ben and I have very similar morals and ideas of love,” she said in a press statement. “He likes to have fun and has a good sense of humour. I think we could have the foundations there to build something special.”

She then added that she likes the idea of being a stepmum which will undoubtedly be a big tick for Ben, who has a daughter. 

“He has a daughter, and I feel quite maternal myself. I loved the way he spoke about her, I just thought it was beautiful.”

But in the end, Ben listened to his heart and chose Leish–while their relationship status is unclear at the moment—unlike Will, Jess, Harry and Tess, the pair haven’t been spotted out and about together in the months since filming wrapped. Stay tuned on this one… 

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