Ben & Leish Were Frontrunners On ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’—So Where They Are Now?

An unexpected relationship status update.
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Farmer Wants A Wife couple Ben and Leish have confirmed they are no longer together. 

While all seemed well when Ben picked Leish in the finale, and they appeared happy together during the reunion episode, which was filmed several months after filming wrapped, it appears things took a tumble in recent weeks. 

On the show, the pair’s fiery connection was instantly obvious, not least when the 31-year-old hospital administrator was caught sneaking into Ben’s bedroom early in the season.

But just as things really started to look promising, new contestants were unexpectedly introduced—and the 27-year-old New South Wales farmer found himself in a bit of a pickle. Newcomer, Kiani, a 24-year-old beauty therapist, caught his eye and Leish immediately put her guard up.

“You can openly see the connection between him and Kiani,” she tearfully told cameras at the time. 

To make matters more complicated, Ben also expressed his concerns about doing a long distance relationship with Leish, who resides in Queensland.

But something kept pulling them back together… until it didn’t.

Are Ben and Leish still together after Farmer Wants A Wife

Ben and Leish are no longer together, as confirmed by Leish in an emotional Instagram story she posted on Thursday. 

“I am completely heartbroken to announce that sadly Ben and I have parted ways,” she began.

“I tried everything I could to make our relationship last after the show (including wanting to move to the farm earlier… YES everyone I was planning on moving) but unfortunately it wasn’t there for Ben anymore and I was left absolutely shocked and heartbroken.”

She added that she had given the relationship her all, having met Ben’s daughter and his family, but things weren’t meant to be. 

“I am thankful for the support I have had these past few months from the other girls on Ben’s farm and other farms. They have been true selfless legends in helping me heal.

“I wish Ben all the best,” she finished. 

Ben and Leish’s spark was obvious from the beginning. (Credit: Channel Seven)

It was never smooth sailing for the pair. At the reunion episode, it was revealed that after Ben officially told Leish he had picked her, he confessed that he’d kissed Kiani the day before. 

Leish was understandably hurt by the revelation, and she decided to leave. 

At the reunion, Ben said he was “numb” and “very hurt” by Leish’s decision: “Is it really love if that is just what you can go and do?” he said. 

But he added that he did regret what he did.

“It was heartbreaking to see her walk away the way she did. I thought, ‘I’ve lost her and there goes my opportunity to have love and someone special in my life again.”

Leish previously revealed before the show went to air that Ben was the only reason why she decided to join the cast.

“A friend sent me the link to Farmer Ben’s video, and I felt compelled to put my hat in the ring,” she said.

“City dating hasn’t worked out for me so far in finding someone genuine who is looking for something long-term. I have always had a strong pull to the country with a number of family and friends living in country towns. I’ve always felt at home when visiting them.”

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